Cambridge Bread Rescue – Who We Are

In 2005, Cambridge Bread Rescue started with one person collecting bread from a single bakery several times a week. Over seven years, he was able to collect and deliver more than 14,000 loaves of fresh bread and more than 1,000 bags full of sweet and savory artisan baked goods – thanks to the cooperation of the staff and management at Hi-Rise Baking Co. and Sofra Bakery.

Since the summer of 2012, dozens of volunteers have joined the effort to rescue these breads and pastries. They now pick up nearly every night (bread) and most every day (pastries) – filling stomachs instead of dumpsters.

We provide food to a shelter that serves women who are victims of domestic abuse. To a shelter that serves men and women ravaged by alcoholism. To a shelter run by the Salvation Army that serves men who are down and out. To a shelter run entirely by Harvard students, who prepare sandwiches nightly for anyone in need.

What about those other food rescue programs? 

Independent bakeries present a special challenge to food collection programs. Most bakeries cannot hold onto their unsold goods; they need to donate them the same night or toss them out. Without a delivery mechanism, shelters and pantries that feed thousands of people across the city serve bread and baked goods that are less-than-fresh, or of inferior quality. Meanwhile thousands of great loaves and baked goods get discarded needlessly every year.

Our volunteers stop by these bakeries to pick up perfectly fresh and unsold items and deliver them to shelters the same night, and pantries the next day.

These items sell for a premium. They are made fresh every day and use the best available ingredients. It’s tragic to see them tossed out with other garbage when they could feed folks and their families.

Urban Gleaning

This is urban gleaning: The city version of rescuing produce from farmers’ fields and orchards after the harvest, and delivering it to those in need.

This is a micro-organization. There is no overhead, no office expense, no fund drives.
Anything you contribute goes directly 100% to purchasing equipment or paying for upkeep of vehicles, to keep the wheels of Cambridge Bread Rescue turning.

Our Partners


Albany Street Shelter
Heading Home Shelter
Salvation Army
Harvard Square Homeless Shelter
Food Pantry, Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee
YWCA (Residences)
YMCA (Residences)


Hi-Rise Bread Co.
Sofra Bakery
Iggy’s Bread of the World
Petsi Pies

Want to Learn More? Want to Volunteer or Contribute?

More details HERE:

Lgoodwin180 at …yahoo.com

“Let them eat cake.”


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